How to Join

Purposes of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Membership

  • Recognize superior achievement.
  • Recognize the development of leadership qualities.
  • Foster high professional standards.
  • Encourage creative work.
  • Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.

Benefits of Membership in STTI’s Epsilon Zeta (EZ) Chapter

  • All the benefits of STTI Membership
  • EZ benefits include:
    • Invitations to EZ Fall and Spring meetings, which include speakers, research presentations, networking and fun events in fun places and food!
    • Ability to apply for EZ research grants
    • Opportunities to serve the nursing community

Apply for STTI Membership

Renew Lapsed STTI Membership

  • You can always renew your membership, no matter how long it has been since you last renewed.
  • To renew your membership, call Member Services at 888-634-7575 or email Member Services at

Transfer to Epsilon Zeta Chapter

  • If Mason is closer to where you live than your initiating chapter, consider transferring your membership to the Epsilon Zeta chapter. You can also hold membership in more than one chapter.
  • To become an Epsilon Zeta member, call Member Services at 888-634-7575 or choose EZ as your chapter when you renew your membership.